Ether Price Analysis: Higher Lows Could Yield Retest of Local High

After two back-to-back weeks of record-setting volume, ether finds itself situated below historic resistance and currently unable to reach its downtrend line:Figure 1: ETH-USD, Weekly Candles, Downtrend and Record-Setting VolumeFor months, ether has been unable to break its downward trend. And now, after having an enormous amount of buying step in, the market finds itself […]

Ether Price Analysis: Market Indecision Could Cause Short Covering Rally

When we last discussed the ETH-USD pair, the price was testing support in the mid $200 range.Since then, the market has dropped another 30% as ether tests the waters in the upper $190 range:Figure 1: ETH-USD, 1-Day Candles, Macro TrendThe volume on the current drop has been exceptionally high compared to the beginning of its […]