In Search of Stability: An Overview of the Budding Stablecoin Ecosystem

Stability.The word seems to be at complete odds with the current nature of the crypto market. With its flagship coin having “died” on hundreds of occasions, volatility and meteoric price swings have come to define cryptocurrencies, as price stability, ever-elusive, is in short supply.Bitcoin’s frenetic value has given critics plenty of fodder to argue that […]

Berkeley Professor Questions Stablecoin Viability in Unflattering Op-Ed

University of Berkeley Professor Barry Eichengreen has taken a swipe at the viability of stablecoins in an op-ed published on Project Syndicate. The critique, entitled “The Stable-Coin Myth,” argues stablecoins are not automatically “viable” just because they are pegged to an asset, though Eichengreen does believe they have an advantage over “conventional cryptocurrencies” such as […]