Op Ed: There Is a Satoshi of Truth in Every Joke

This rather long meme, which has been circulating lately, makes fun of the views of Bitcoin supporters by listing commonly made statements and contrasting them with contradicting statements or developments.This was obviously intended for humorous purposes, and as such, I should probably not take it too seriously.But as the titular proverb goes, there is a […]

Lightning Labs Releases Redesigned and Optimized Desktop App

An alpha version of the new Lightning desktop app has been released. The application includes a redesigned and optimized backend for light clients, as well as a simplified interface for users with little to no cryptocurrency experience.Lead application developer at Lightning Labs Tankred Hase joined the company in January 2018 and was assigned to oversee […]

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Lightning, Launches and Broken Promises

A handful of projects brought their tech to life this week, introducing new payment systems and coins to the industry’s offerings. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network makes headway for the dev community, and one of crypto’s older and more respected exchanges (arguably) takes a step against the space’s principles.Finally, in a spurious game of he-said-she-said, a […]