Crypto Price Tracking App CoinTicker Installs Backdoors to Control Host Computer: Report

Cybersecurity publications were sounding the alarm over cryptocurrency malware again Monday, Oct. 29 after a Malwarebytes forum user reported a price monitoring app for macOS was a trojan.Confirmed in a blog post by the cybersecurity software developer, community member 1vladimir reported suspicious behavior by an app called CoinTicker over the weekend.The app purports to let […]

Study Reveals Growing Sophistication in Malicious Mining of Cryptocurrency

Several Chinese researchers from Fudan University, Tsinghua University and the University of California Riverside have produced the first systematic study of the malicious mining of cryptocurrencies, known as cryptojacking, unveiling increasing complexity over time. And it doesn’t seem as if this trend will die down anytime soon.What Is Cryptojacking?Cryptojacking has asserted itself in the cybersphere […]