Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies Are the ‘Inevitable Future’

The CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor, told Cointelegraph in an interview Oct. 23 that  central bank-issued cryptocurrencies are the “inevitable future,” but it will be people who “will decide what form of money they want to consume and use as part of their lives.”Speaking with CT during the Money20/20 conference, Taylor stated that […]

How Venezuela Came to Be One of the Biggest Markets for Crypto in the World

Venezuela has been living with hyperinflation since at least 2014. Its national currency — the Venezuelan bolívar — hit an official inflation rate of 57.3 percent in February 2014, while independent currency analysts were reporting that, by that September, the real inflation rate had already topped 100 percent. In other words, the bolívar (VEF) was […]