World Bank and Australia’s Largest Bank Issue First Global Blockchain Bond

The World Bank and Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, have issued a public bond exclusively through the blockchain. The $100 million AUD ($73.16 million USD) deal is made up of two-year bonds. It expected to settle by August 28, 2018 and yield a 2.25 percent return.The prototype bond, dubbed “Bond-i” (Blockchain Operated […]

World Bank Unpacks Launch of ‘BONDI’ Bond With Australia’s CBA

It’s been close to 10 years since Bitcoin came into existence, and in that time, major financial institutions have slowly come to grips with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Some have taken to the industry quicker than others, and some have outright turned their backs on the thought of using or investing in cryptocurrencies. However, the […]